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From an early age, we are taught that putting some money away is good practice. As you become an adult, however, your income can rise to a level where it is being saved in excess of what you might reasonably need and isn’t being allowed to meet its full potential. That is where investment comes in.

Saving vs Investing

Saving is a straightforward and sensible process that makes sure you have money available for certain larger purchases or unexpected bills and expenditures. However, interest today is almost negligible; you could be doing a lot more with your money.

If you are willing to tie up your money for a certain period of time, investments can be a fantastic way of making your cash go further. Although it isn’t absolutely certain that you will get every pound that you invest back, risk levels vary greatly, and there is potential to receive a far larger some.

At one end of the scale, towards saving, is a current account. You can withdraw and deposit cash instantly whenever you see fit and, in return, will receive a small amount of interest.

At the other end of the scale is buying shares in businesses, which you hope to grow in value. However, the money is not instantly accessible while the risk and returns are potentially much higher.

A combination of saving and investing is generally recommended, as it is not a good idea to have all of your cash tied up in an investment.

Why Seek Advice Before Investing?

Although the potential returns when it comes to investment are high, the countless different options can be intimidating and overwhelming. It isn’t just a case of saying how much you want to invest; you need to make sure your money is being invested in a portfolio that suits you.

Having said that, there are many people out there who have every interest in getting your money with little concern as to what you get in return, advising on terrible investments. It is essential that you seek out impartial and knowledgeable advice catered for you.

At AB Vision, we will tailor our investment advice to your unique goal and needs. Your willingness to take risks, the volatility of the investments, and your target returns are all things our advisers will take into account to make sure it is advice that works for you.

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